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There are some fullblown development environments to do LUA scripting on the ESP with fancy graphics and running on java. I prefer simple comand line scripts.

https://github.com/paulcuth/esp8266-cli  also requires java. I wasn’t able to install/run this.

Fortunately there is also a python script. https://github.com/4refr0nt/luatool

I had to fix an obvious bug. But then that it worked.

After loading and running it’s example init.lua I got communication errors at new upload attempts. These are caused by sending the characters to fast over the non-handshaked serial line. Slowing down the send function helped.

I tried the supplied telnet server example. After uploading it is neccessary to call node.restart() and then dofile(“telnet.lua”) and setupTelnetServer(). Now the LUA interpreter is accessible via telnet.

The next test was this http server :  https://hackaday.io/project/4377-fiddling-with-the-esp8266/log/14476-uploading-a-lua-file-to-the-esp-nodemcu

It worked only partially and causes a hang-up of the ESP after a few connections.